The Last Command

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  1. In what year did the story open?
    • 1900
    • 1917
    • 1928
    • 1932
  2. For what studio did Leo Andreiev, the director, work?
    • Eureka Studios
    • Paramount Studios
    • Majestic Studios
    • Amalgamated Studios
  3. What was the old general’s daily rate of pay as an extra?
    • $7.50
    • $25.00
    • $75.00
    • $250.00
  4. What did another extra take from the old general while they were getting made-up?
    • his false beard
    • panstick makeup
    • a Russian medal
    • the buttons on his costume
  5. Before the Revolution, for what theatrical company did Leo and Natasha work?
    • Moscow Conservatory
    • Kiev Imperial Theatre
    • Petrograd Royal Ballet
    • Leningrad Academy of the Arts
  6. What gift did the general give to Natasha?
    • three tins of caviar
    • a pearl necklace
    • an ermine coat
    • safe passage out of Russia
  7. What was the engine number of the train the revolutionists stopped?
    • 101
    • 291
    • 355
    • 476
  8. What did the revolutionists make the general do after they stopped the train to Petrograd?
    • serve champagne to the revolutionists
    • dance a Russian folk dance
    • stoke the engine’s fire
    • shoot his aide
  9. What music was played during the old general’s battle scene?
    • Hearts and Flowers
    • March Militaire
    • Fanfare Royale
    • Russian National Anthem
  10. What did the old general ask the director after his scene?
    • Was that what you wanted?
    • Can I try it again?
    • Don’t you have feelings for the old Russia?
    • Have we won?