7th Heaven

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  1. What was Chico’s career aspiration?
    • gendarme
    • cafe owner
    • street washer
    • military officer
  2. From where did Diane and Nana’s aunt and uncle just return?
    • London
    • a vacation abroad
    • their summer home
    • the South Seas
  3. What did Chico use to arouse the unconscious Diane?
    • an onion
    • a flower
    • a firecracker
    • a kiss
  4. With who’s knife did Diane try to kill herself?
    • Boul’s
    • Chico’s
    • Gobin’s
    • Uncle George’s
  5. Who was “Eloise”?
    • Gobin’s daughter
    • Pere Chevillon’s dog
    • Boul’s taxicab
    • Chico’s rifle
  6. What was Diane doing when the detective arrived?
    • giving Chico a haircut
    • ironing Chico’s shirt
    • mending Chico’s coat
    • trying on her wedding dress
  7. Who ordered all of the soldiers in Paris to the front?
    • Colonel Brissac
    • Pere Chevillon
    • Commandant Chevalier
    • General Joffre
  8. Where did Diane work during the war?
    • Boul’s bistro
    • Chico’s old job
    • Aunt Valentine’s flower shop
    • a munitions factory
  9. What rank did Chico achieve in the war?
    • private first class
    • corporal
    • sergeant
    • lieutenant
  10. How long did Diane wait for Chico to return from the war?
    • six months
    • one year
    • four years
    • seven years