Street Angel

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  1. How much did the prescription for Angela’s mother cost?
    • 157 lire
    • 85 lire
    • 45 lire
    • 20 lire
  2. What was Angela’s crime, according to the police?
    • street performing without a license
    • indecent exposure
    • robbery while soliciting
    • kidnapping
  3. Where did Angela hide to initially avoid the police?
    • under the monkey cage
    • on the café’s roof
    • behind the police wagon
    • inside a base drum
  4. Why did Gino want to join the circus?
    • to paint Angela’s portrait
    • he was a professional juggler
    • he was fired from the café
    • to teach Angela horseback riding
  5. Where did Angela and Gino go when she broke her leg?
    • Naples
    • Milan
    • Rome
    • Crete
  6. Where did Gino go to find a girl “with the face of an angel and a soul as black as Hell”?
    • Maria and Beppo’s brothel
    • the wharves
    • the Teatro San Carlo
    • a convent
  7. After selling their most special possession, what did Gino buy for Angela?
    • a flower
    • new stilts
    • a patchwork dress
    • chocolates
  8. Whose name was eventually on the work that Gino started?
    • Leonardo
    • Roberti
    • Garibaldi
    • Rossini
  9. Before taking her off to jail, how long did the policeman wait for Angela to say goodbye to Gino?
    • five minutes
    • 30 minutes
    • one hour
    • 24 hours
  10. How did Gino come into a large sum of money?
    • an inheritance from his uncle
    • compensation for Angela’s accident
    • he robbed the café
    • a commission for a mural