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  1. How many children did the man and the wife have?
    • 1
    • 2
    • 3
    • 4
  2. What was the man supposed to do so he wouldn’t drown with his wife?
    • send her out alone
    • keep a rope tied to the dock
    • have the woman from the city in another boat
    • use bulrushes to float
  3. Why did the man return to the dock, after leaving in the boat?
    • to get his knife
    • to replace the broken oar
    • to tie off the sail
    • to tie up the dog
  4. How did the wife get to the city?
    • running through the forest
    • the miller’s wagon
    • a trolley
    • a taxi
  5. What was the emotional turning point for the man and his wife in the city?
    • horseplay at the photographer’s
    • the wedding at the church
    • dancing at the carnival
    • chasing the pig at the dance
  6. Why did the man and his wife hurry out of the photographer’s studio?
    • they were embarrassed by the picture of them kissing
    • they thought they had broken a statue
    • they were anxious to get to the barber shop
    • they were late for the wedding at the church
  7. What happened to the pig in the kitchen?
    • it got drunk
    • it spilled flower over everything
    • it toppled a shelf of crockery
    • it frightened the pastry chef
  8. To what tune did the man and his wife dance at the carnival?
    • “Summertime Polka”
    • “Midsummer Peasant Dance”
    • “Anniversary Waltz”
    • “At Sunrise with You”
  9. Who said of the wife “She’s the sweetest bride I’ve seen this year.”?
    • the minister at the church
    • the café owner
    • the photographer
    • the band leader
  10. What did the woman from the city do after the wife was rescued?
    • she went back to the city
    • she hid in the stable
    • she helped nurse the wife back to health
    • she set her sights on the man’s neighbor