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  1. Where did the film take place?
    • Moscow
    • Volinsk
    • Petrograd
    • Leningrad
  2. How long had it been since an officer was commissioned from the ranks?
    • 10 years
    • 25 years
    • more than 32 years
    • never
  3. What did Princess Tamara think Markov did that confirmed, to her, his peasant status?
    • insulted her father, the general
    • marched drunk in a military parade
    • stole the clothes of bathing females
    • missed morning roll call
  4. In translation, what did the matchbook that the peddler gave to Markov read?
    • “Join the Revolution!”
    • “The Aristocrats’ Days Are Numbered”
    • “Red Day Is Dawning”
    • “Freedom Awaits All!”
  5. To what rank was Markov eventually commissioned?
    • 2nd Lieutenant
    • 1st Lieutenant
    • Captain
    • Major
  6. What did Markov scratch onto the necklace he left for Princess Tamara?
    • “Red Day Is Dawning”
    • “I love you, Ivan”
    • “In my heart always”
    • “Close to your heart”
  7. Which of the following was NOT a punishment received by Markov after he was found in Princess Tamara’s chambers?
    • five years of hard labor
    • reduced to the ranks
    • stripped of all emblems of an officer
    • exiled to Siberia
  8. What additional punishment did Markov receive, when the Captain learned that Markov was in love with Princess Tamara?
    • solitary confinement
    • three more years of hard labor
    • reduced to half rations
    • death
  9. What was the reason for Markov’s arrest by the revolutionists?
    • wearing the uniform of the Russian aristocracy
    • murder of Sergeant Bulba
    • insubordination
    • treason
  10. How did Markov and Tamara buy time to make their escape?
    • changed arrest order to “Do Not Disturb” sign
    • reinforced the door with chairs and furniture
    • had the band play “Hail to the Revolution!”
    • sent Sergeant Bulba out in Markov’s clothes