Two Arabian Knights

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  1. What country was NOT a setting in the film?
    • Italy
    • France
    • Turkey
    • Germany
  2. Phelps said to O’Gaffney: “You’ve booted and bullied me all the way from . . .” where?
    • Hoboken
    • Sheboygan
    • Philadelphia
    • Schenectady
  3. What was O’Gaffney’s alias on his wanted poster?
    • “Ambulance Max”
    • “Lover Boy Louie”
    • “Taxicab Pete”
    • “Chicago Connie”
  4. What did the German officer confiscate from O’Gaffney and Phelps?
    • American coffee and candy
    • tobacco and an ID bracelet
    • French postcards and three pieces of gum
    • a ring and O’Gaffney’s rabbit’s foot
  5. What was Phelps’ frequent pastime?
    • wrote bawdy limericks
    • cracked his knuckles
    • sang loud and off-key
    • drew caricatures of people
  6. What did they call the “de-lousing station”?
    • “Bedbug Bone Yard”
    • “Cootie Crematorium”
    • “Insect-inside”
    • “Head Lice Hilton
  7. How did Phelps hide O’Gaffney’s pants?
    • put them in the bathtub
    • hid them in Mirza’s suitcase
    • gave them to the purser to press
    • wore them under his own
  8. On the prisoner train, how did the two soldiers make their escape?
    • set fire to the hay
    • started a fight between two other prisoners
    • pushed the guard out of the boxcar
    • carved a pistol out of gourd
  9. How did Mirza say she learned English?
    • in an American convent in Arabia
    • reading American magazines
    • at school in Constantinople
    • from her uncle, the Ambassador
  10. How did O’Gaffney insult Mirza’s fiancé?
    • removed Mirza’s face veil
    • dropped his pants and “mooned” him
    • used an Arabian obscenity
    • showed him the soles of his shoes