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  1. How did “Rolls Royce” get his nickname?
    • he only bought the best
    • he was as silent as the car
    • his real name was Charles Royce
    • it was the first car he stole
  2. What business did “Buck” Mulligan run?
    • butcher shop
    • Dreamland Café
    • import/export company
    • flower shop
  3. What was “Bull” Weed’s trademark habit?
    • bending coins
    • flipping a silver dollar
    • biting his nails
    • cracking his knuckles
  4. How much did it cost to get a spray from the perfume machine in the Dreamland Cafe?
    • a nickel
    • a quarter
    • a dime
    • a penny
  5. Who was invited to the annual “armistice” ball?
    • the boss of each mob on the east side
    • policemen on the take
    • anyone with a police record
    • gin dealers and bookmakers
  6. Who was elected “Queen o’ the Ball”?
    • Trixie McCann
    • “Feathers” McCoy
    • Bella Schmitz
    • “Magpie” Nichols
  7. How was “Bull” Weed to be executed for “Buck” Mulligan’s murder?
    • gas chamber
    • electric chair
    • hanging
    • lethal injection
  8. In what cell was “Bull” Weed incarcerated?
    • 201
    • 308
    • 422
    • 529
  9. Where was “Feathers” to wait for “Bull” after the breakout?
    • Three Corners
    • the old hideout
    • Macy Plaza
    • Mulligan’s warehouse
  10. What uncharacteristic act of tenderness did “Bull” Weed display?
    • caressed “Feathers”’ photo
    • hid the old woman before shooting at police
    • took the teddy bear back to jail
    • fed milk to a kitten