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  1. What did Jack Powell call his racecar?
    • “Blinding Flash”
    • “Greased Lightning”
    • “Shooting Star”
    • “Blazing Comet”
  2. What did David Armstrong keep with him as a good luck charm?
    • his childhood teddy bear
    • a rabbit’s foot
    • Sylvia’s picture in a locket
    • his mother’s brooch
  3. How did Herman Schwimpf show his patriotism?
    • bursting into the National Anthem
    • knocking out anyone who disagreed
    • displaying a flag tattooed on his arm
    • producing his birth certificate
  4. Who played the small but important role of Cadet White?
    • Clark Gable
    • Gary Cooper
    • William Powell
    • James Stewart
  5. When Herman Schwimpf was thrown out as a flyer, what did he re-enlist as?
    • mechanic
    • MP
    • machine gunner
    • infantryman
  6. With what group did Jack and David fly?
    • 39th Aero Squadron
    • Roger’s Rangers
    • Fighting 69th
    • Rickenbacker’s “Flying Circus”
  7. For what group did Mary Preston volunteer?
    • American Red Cross
    • Woman’s Motor Corps.
    • Allied Command Transport
    • the A.E.F.
  8. What town was the German “Gotha” attempting to bomb?
    • Bordeaux
    • Mervale
    • Mad River
    • Versailles
  9. In what Paris nightclub did Mary find Jack?
    • Moulin Rouge
    • La Fromagerie
    • Café La Toque
    • Folies Bergere
  10. What did Jack want as a battle souvenir from the German plane he shot down?
    • the pilot’s aviation pin
    • German maps
    • a piece of the propeller
    • insignia on the plane’s tail