The Divine Lady

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  1. What did Greville give his uncle, Lord Hamilton, as a gift?
    • new walking stick
    • book of history
    • portrait of himself
    • folio of maps
  2. What was Emma’s mother’s occupation?
    • housekeeper
    • cook
    • dairy maid
    • tutor
  3. How did Greville and Lord Hamilton refer to Emma?
    • a wild flower
    • a perfect rose
    • a butterfly
    • an unpolished gem
  4. Where did Greville take Emma on a day’s outing?
    • British Museum
    • Rue de Magdelaine
    • Summerhaus
    • Vauxhall
  5. What musical instrument did Emma play?
    • mandolin
    • lute
    • concertina
    • harp
  6. When was Greville to join Emma and Lord Hamilton in Naples?
    • October
    • June
    • March
    • January
  7. What was the name of Admiral Nelson’s ship for which he sought provisions in Naples?
    • The Victory
    • Britannia
    • The Vanguard
    • The Divine Lady
  8. Who signed the order to open Naples ports to Admiral Nelson?
    • Queen of Naples
    • King of Naples
    • British Ambassador
    • King Henry VII
  9. At one point, what did Emma use to block Admiral Nelson’s kiss?
    • her fan
    • a flower
    • her finger
    • a handkerchief
  10. How did Admiral Nelson die?
    • saber wounds
    • collapsing yard arm
    • gunshot
    • hanged for treason