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  1. What was Lady Beaconfield’s pet name for her husband?
    • Pooch
    • P.M.
    • Benjie
    • Dizzy
  2. What did Disraeli give his wife each morning?
    • a flower
    • her morning paper
    • sweet tea with lemon
    • news from Parliament
  3. What did Sir Michael say that Disraeli’s dream was?
    • equality in Britain
    • peace with Russia
    • stability in France
    • supremacy in Asia
  4. What kind of bird did Disraeli think was most intelligent?
    • ostrich
    • eagle
    • peacock
    • turkey
  5. What documents did Disraeli’s secretary steal from his desk?
    • Disraeli’s passport
    • dispatches from Russia
    • the Suez code list
    • Egyptian battle maps
  6. With the purchase of the Suez Canal, what additional title would be bestowed on Queen Victoria?
    • Queen of Cairo
    • Supreme Highness of Asia
    • Empress of India
    • Her Majesty, Sovereign Queen
  7. What vegetable played a prominent part in the code the Prime Minister devised?
    • celery
    • tomato
    • carrot
    • green beans
  8. Who was sent on the special mission to negotiate for the Suez Canal?
    • Count Bosrinov
    • Lord Deeford
    • Duke of Glastanbury
    • Lord Probert
  9. Who was the Prime Minister’s emissary trying to beat to the negotiating table?
    • French
    • Indians
    • Russians
    • Egyptians
  10. How much was to be paid for the Suez Canal?
    • one million sterling
    • five million sterling
    • twenty-five million sterling
    • fifty million sterling