The Dawn Patrol

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  1. What war was the setting for the film?
    • Spanish American War
    • World War I
    • World War II
    • Korean War
  2. What was the logo painted on each of the 59th Squadron’s planes?
    • a half-naked woman
    • a python
    • a wasp
    • an eagle
  3. What was the flight commander’s office called?
    • “Throne Room”
    • “Battlefield Central”
    • “The Morgue”
    • “Last Chance Saloon”
  4. Who was Hollister’s friend that was killed in the first mission?
    • Gordon Scott
    • Ted Russell
    • Bob Machen
    • Conrad Smythe
  5. What were the pilots told to do if they were shot down?
    • destroy their plane
    • map the enemy terrain
    • take a suicide pill
    • escape at all costs
  6. What was Scott wearing when he was shot down?
    • his lucky flying scarf
    • a rowing medal
    • a German uniform
    • red polka dot pajamas
  7. What did Von Richter drop from his plane onto the airfield?
    • propaganda leaflets
    • bags of mud
    • basket of vegetables
    • a pair of boots
  8. What did Ackroyd give Courtney and Scott before their retaliation flight against Von Richter?
    • a bottle of champagne
    • a German grenade
    • 6 ham sandwiches
    • Scott’s lucky medal
  9. What was Major Brand’s driver’s name?
    • Bott
    • Sterling
    • Hollister
    • Flaherty
  10. Who was promoted to flight commander after Courtney was killed?
    • Douglas Scott
    • Gordon Scott
    • Jack Ackroyd
    • Lieutenant Phipps