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  1. Who was Lindy?
    • a dog
    • a cat
    • a goldfish
    • a turtle
  2. What was the title of Eloise’s dramatic recitation?
    • “In Memory of a Dead Doll”
    • “Elegy on Forgotten Toys”
    • “Of Pansies and Peacocks”
    • “The Teddy Bears’ Picnic”
  3. Where was Skippy told not to go?
    • the movie theatre
    • Sidney’s house
    • across the tracks
    • downtown
  4. When they got to their destination, what game did Sidney want to play?
    • hopscotch
    • red rover
    • charades
    • dodge ball
  5. What was Sooky’s dog’s name?
    • Longfellow
    • Penny
    • Mickey
    • Babe
  6. How much did it cost for a dog license?
    • $10.00
    • $5.00
    • $3.00
    • $1.00
  7. After Mr. Nubbins took Skippy’s savings, how did Skippy and Sooky then try to raise money for the dog license?
    • redeeming bottles and cans
    • mowing lawns
    • babysitting
    • selling lemonade
  8. What was the first act in Skippy and Sooky’s vaudeville show?
    • Eloise’s recitation
    • Harley’s animal tricks
    • magic and jokes
    • group sing-along
  9. What did Dr. Skinner suggest giving Skippy for “acting queer”?
    • Jamaica ginger
    • castor oil
    • cod liver oil
    • spinach
  10. Who broke Mr. Nubbins’ windshield the second time?
    • Sooky
    • Dr. Skinner
    • Harley
    • Mr. Burkey