The Sin of Madelon Claudet

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  1. Where was Madelon born and raised?
    • Paris
    • Bordeaux
    • Normandy
    • Toulouse
  2. What reason did Larry give for his having to return to America?
    • his father had a stroke
    • his mother died
    • the family business had failed
    • his best friend needed help
  3. What prevented Larry from returning to Paris from America?
    • he fell ill and died
    • he got married
    • he started a business
    • he got a girl pregnant
  4. What was Carlo Boretti’s nickname for Madelon?
    • “Little Milk Maid”
    • “Wooden Shoes”
    • “Jingling Keys”
    • “Sparkling Eyes”
  5. How did Carlo Boretti actually make his living?
    • jewel thief
    • embezzler
    • assassin
    • foreign agent
  6. What was the name of the restaurant where Madelon and Carlo were dining, and where Carlo was arrested?
    • The Moulin Rouge
    • Café Francoise
    • The Pompador
    • Le Fontainebleau
  7. Why did Carlo insist on getting his overcoat before he left the restaurant?
    • to hide the pearls
    • to destroy his fake passport
    • to get his gun
    • to attempt an escape
  8. Why did the authorities sentence Madelon to ten years in jail?
    • prostitution
    • vagrancy
    • petty theft
    • complicity
  9. Who initially looked after Madelon’s son when she left for jail?
    • Monsieur Claudet
    • Elise and Larry Maynard
    • Alice and Felix St. Jacques
    • Victor and Rosalie Lebeau
  10. What did Madelon tell her son happened to his mother?
    • she was traveling in America
    • she had died
    • she was a nurse in the war
    • she had amnesia