The Broadway Melody

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  1. Which actor in the film also co-wrote the dialogue?
    • James Gleason
    • Charles King
    • Bessie Love
    • Edward Dillon
  2. What kind of soap did Hank use to wash her nylons?
    • Tide
    • Lux
    • bar of hand soap
    • Ivory
  3. What was Uncle Jed’s affliction?
    • hiccups
    • stuttering
    • heartburn
    • using malapropisms
  4. How big did Eddie say his tiepin’s stone was?
    • “bigger ’an an eggplant”
    • 1 carat
    • “enough to retire on”
    • 3 carats
  5. What was unusual about the tap dance done in the “Broadway Melody” number?
    • it was done on the ceiling
    • it was done in ballet slippers
    • one dancer danced with his projected shadow
    • it was done on roller skates
  6. Why did Queenie get a new part in the show?
    • an extra fell from the set
    • Zanfield liked her legs
    • Jock Warriner paid the producer
    • the star quit the show
  7. How much was the bet between the backers that Jock wouldn’t get a date with Queenie?
    • $50.00
    • $100.00
    • $250.00
    • $1,000.00
  8. What was the occasion for Jock to send flowers to Queenie?
    • the show’s opening night
    • Christmas
    • her birthday
    • her marriage to Eddie
  9. What song did the Mahoney Sisters sing in the show?
    • “Wedding of the Painted Doll”
    • “You Were Meant for Me”
    • “The Boyfriend”
    • “Singin’ in the Rain”
  10. Where were Hank and her new partner scheduled to open their show season?
    • New York
    • Pocatello
    • Chicago
    • Peoria