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  1. What was Norma’s father’s occupation?
    • lawyer
    • doctor
    • insurance agent
    • minister
  2. What kind of flowers did Michael send Norma on the day of the dance?
    • roses
    • carnations
    • lilies
    • wild flowers
  3. Which dance was Norma to save for Stanley Wentworth?
    • 1st
    • 2nd
    • 5th
    • all of them
  4. Where did Michael get into a fight over Norma?
    • the grocery store
    • the drug store
    • the post office
    • the laundromat
  5. Who witnessed Michael’s fight (and told Norma’s father)?
    • Jimmy Besant
    • Julia, the maid
    • Mr. Wentworth
    • Jasper Carter
  6. How long did Michael say he would work in the hills before returning to marry Norma?
    • six months
    • one year
    • eighteen months
    • two years
  7. Where was the Autumn Dance held?
    • Riverside Ballroom
    • Sunnydale Country Club
    • Mill Valley High School
    • Watertown Military Academy
  8. Where was Michael’s mother when he and Norma spent the night in her cabin?
    • Riverside
    • Cooperstown
    • Watertown
    • Mill Valley
  9. Who told Norma that Michael had been shot?
    • Jimmy Besant
    • Julia, the maid
    • Susan Jeffrey
    • Stanley Wentworth
  10. How did Norma’s father die?
    • hanged
    • murdered
    • car accident
    • shot himself