White Shadows in the South Seas

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  1. What are the “white shadows” of the film’s title?
    • sailing ships’ sails
    • fortune tellers’ predictions
    • “good” magic
    • white men’s influence
  2. What did Makia trade with Sebastian for his pearl?
    • ten dollars
    • a bottle of rum
    • a watch
    • a day off
  3. What were the “Devils of the Deep?
    • razor sharp coral
    • giant squids
    • jagged edge clams
    • electric eels
  4. Early in the film, what did the pearl diver die from?
    • asphyxiation
    • a collapsed lung
    • manta ray sting
    • shark bite
  5. What disease killed the crew of the strange boat?
    • beri beri
    • bubonic plague
    • measles
    • leprosy
  6. What was the name of the island tribe Lloyd found?
    • Borenga
    • Matta Loa
    • Tapau
    • Mehevi
  7. What was used in the sacred Polynesian massage?
    • coconut oil
    • fish blubber
    • palm tree sap
    • pineapple pulp
  8. What name do the islanders bestow on Lloyd, their white god?
    • Matta Loa
    • Tapau
    • Mehevi
    • Borenga
  9. How does Lloyd win Faraway’s hand in marriage?
    • wins fight with her father
    • rescues her from rival tribe
    • saves her brother after drowning
    • wins race with tribal champion
  10. For what purpose do the islanders harvest oysters?
    • to sell the pearls
    • to make jewelry from the shells
    • to eat them as food
    • to make fishhooks