The Divorcee

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  1. At the beginning of the film, what song was playing on the radio in the hunting lodge?
    • “We’re in the Money”
    • “Only a Paper Moon”
    • “Singin’ in the Rain”
    • “I Only Have Eyes for You”
  2. What was Ted’s occupation?
    • lawyer
    • newspaper man
    • accountant
    • insurance agent
  3. How many people were in the car when Paul crashed it?
    • two
    • four
    • three
    • five
  4. Who did Paul marry after the accident?
    • Dorothy
    • Helen
    • Mary
    • Janice
  5. On Ted and Jerry’s third anniversary, with whom was their maid out on a date?
    • the grocery clerk
    • the superintendent
    • the milk man
    • the butcher
  6. With whom did Ted have an affair?
    • Dorothy
    • Helen
    • Mary
    • Janice
  7. With whom did Jerry have an affair?
    • Don
    • Paul
    • Hank
    • Bill
  8. Where did Ted and Jerry run into each other after their divorce was final?
    • Paul’s birthday party
    • the movie premiere
    • New Year’s Eve party
    • Don’s hunting lodge
  9. How much did Jerry’s firm offer her to move to London?
    • $2,500/year
    • $5,000/year
    • $7,500/year
    • $10,000/year
  10. How many times did Jerry search for Ted in Paris?
    • four
    • three
    • two
    • one