King of Jazz

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  1. What part of Paul Whiteman’s life did the animated sequence depict?
    • where he grew up in Peoria
    • how he was crowned “King of Jazz”
    • his first jazz band in high school
    • how he met each orchestra member
  2. What was Bing Crosby’s first song?
    • “Carolina Moon”
    • “My Old Kentucky Home”
    • “California, Here I Come”
    • “Mississippi Mud”
  3. How many members were in the “Rhythm Boys” musical group?
    • three
    • four
    • five
    • six
  4. Who was in the fight, as sung by the prop man?
    • the lobster and the carpenter
    • the dish and the spoon
    • the gingham dog and the calico cat
    • the tuna and the bass
  5. What playing card did the prop man repeatedly pull from his pocket and show?
    • ace of spades
    • five of clubs
    • six of diamonds
    • queen of hearts
  6. What style of costumes was worn by the band in the “Bench in the Park” number?
    • clown outfits
    • Keystone Cops uniforms
    • sailor suits
    • bathing suits
  7. What unusual instrument was used to play “Stars and Stripes Forever”?
    • crosscut saw
    • “moonshine” jug
    • tire pump
    • pop bottles
  8. How many pianists sat at the big piano during the “Rhapsody in Blue” number?
    • five
    • four
    • three
    • two
  9. One of the between-number “blackouts” was based on which Oscar-winning best picture?
    • “Wings”
    • “All Quiet on the Western Front”
    • “Broadway Melody”
    • “Cimarron”
  10. According to the master of ceremonies, what was “Jazz”?
    • America’s only original musical form
    • America’s most popular music
    • America’s favorite pastime
    • America’s melting pot of music