With Byrd at the South Pole

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  1. How long did the expedition last?
    • four years
    • over two years
    • just under a year
    • six months
  2. What was considered the “first sentinel of Antarctica”?
    • an iceberg
    • Ross Barrier port
    • a polar bear
    • a colony of penguins
  3. On what day did the expedition land at Ross Barrier port?
    • Thanksgiving
    • Fourth of July
    • Christmas
    • Labor Day
  4. What was the name of the ship that brought Byrd’s crew to Antarctica?
    • “Floyd Bennett”
    • “City of New York”
    • “Spirit of Antarctica”
    • “New Zealand Flyer”
  5. How many men stayed at Little America after the ship left?
    • 27
    • 64
    • 55
    • 42
  6. What was the name of Admiral Byrd’s pet terrier?
    • Penguin
    • Explorer
    • Igloo
    • Homesick
  7. What was the crew’s chief transportation on land?
    • cross-country skis
    • four-wheel drive jeeps
    • dog sled
    • snowmobiles
  8. How many pounds of food did the plane have to jettison to make it to the pole?
    • 1,000
    • 100
    • 500
    • 200
  9. The American flag that Byrd dropped over the pole was weighted with what?
    • stone from a previous explorer’s grave
    • brass plaque from Congress
    • capsule with note from President Coolidge
    • can of pork and beans
  10. Who commanded the ship that took the expedition back home?
    • Admiral Gould
    • Commander Goodale
    • Lieutenant Lofgren
    • Captain Melville