A Free Soul

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  1. Where was Stephen Ashe’s flask hidden before the trial?
    • a hollowed-out law book
    • Eddie’s hip pocket
    • a coffee thermos
    • Jan’s purse
  2. How many times did Dwight Winthrop say he had asked Jan Ashe to marry him before she accepted?
    • 2
    • 10
    • 18
    • 73
  3. What did Ace Wilfong order for Jan and him to eat on their first time out together?
    • Coney Island hot dogs
    • corned beef and cabbage
    • Cobb salad
    • hamburgers with onions
  4. How much money did Stephen have on the table just before Wilfong’s casino was raided?
    • $100
    • $250
    • $500
    • $1,000
  5. Where did Stephen and Jan vacation after they made their pact?
    • Yosemite
    • Yellowstone
    • Monument Valley
    • Death Valley
  6. How long did Stephen and Jan’s vacation last?
    • 3 months
    • 1 month
    • 2 weeks
    • 1 week
  7. On vacation, what did Jan do with Wilfong’s letter?
    • burned it
    • hid it in her purse
    • threw it in the river
    • gave it back to her father
  8. What did Stephen ask for at the drug store at the end of the vacation?
    • Jamaica ginger
    • rubbing alcohol
    • Carter’s Liniment
    • “something to ease the pain”
  9. Where did Jan live?
    • with her grandmother
    • St. Francis Hotel
    • Bixby Savoy Hotel
    • Regent Arms
  10. What did Dwight tell the police was his motive for Wilfong’s murder?
    • jealous rage
    • crooked real estate deal
    • blackmail
    • gambling debts