The Champ

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  1. What was the Champ’s real name?
    • Tony Carlton
    • Andy Purcell
    • Pete O’Malley
    • Walter Murdock
  2. What did the Champ have on his left hand?
    • a wedding ring
    • a tattoo of boxing gloves with the word “Champ”
    • the watch he received when he won the championship
    • a string to remind him of Dink’s birthday
  3. Early in the film, how long did the Champ say it had been since he had had a drink?
    • three weeks
    • six months
    • a month and a half
    • over a week
  4. What was hanging on the wall of the Champ’s apartment above his boxing gloves?
    • news clippings of his championship bout
    • Dink’s baseball cap
    • a silver horseshoe
    • a picture of Linda
  5. Before they changed it to “Little Champ,” what was the name of the horse the Champ bought for Dink?
    • Petunia
    • Greased Lightnin’
    • Butterfly
    • White Cloud
  6. How did the Champ ensure good luck?
    • had Dink spit on his gambling money
    • rubbed his rabbit’s foot three times
    • misquoted an Irish prayer
    • slugged Sponge in the shoulder
  7. Who was Dink’s closest pal?
    • Dakota
    • Jackson
    • Sammy
    • Jonah
  8. How much money did Dink’s pal lose on “Little Champ’s” race?
    • a buck and a half
    • two-bits
    • three dollars
    • four-bits
  9. What was Dink’s half-sister’s name?
    • Linda
    • Cindy Sue
    • Polly
    • Mary Lou
  10. How much was the purse for the Champ’s big fight?
    • $5,000
    • $10,000
    • $15,000
    • $20,000