Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

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  1. What was Dr. Jekyll’s coachman’s name?
    • Poole
    • Jasper
    • Utterson
    • Hobson
  2. On what day did Muriel’s father want his daughter and Jekyll to be married?
    • his wife’s birthday
    • Muriel’s graduation
    • his birthday
    • his anniversary
  3. Where did Hyde eventually find Ivy Pearson?
    • Variety Music Hall
    • Winchester Park
    • Pigott’s Saloon
    • Carew’s party
  4. After he found Ivy, what did Hyde order to drink?
    • champagne
    • beer
    • whiskey
    • water
  5. Where was Dr. Jekyll when he first transformed into Hyde without taking the potion?
    • his lab
    • the park
    • Ivy’s apartment
    • the engagement party
  6. How did Hyde find out that Dr. Jekyll’s fiancée, Muriel, was coming home from her vacation?
    • Ivy’s landlady
    • the newspaper
    • Dr. Lanyon
    • his housekeeper
  7. What design was on the handle of Dr. Jekyll’s cane?
    • ball and claw
    • werewolf’s head
    • Mason’s emblem
    • pentagram
  8. What did Ivy do with the money Dr. Jekyll gave her?
    • bought a “respectable” dress
    • gave it to Hyde for him to stay away
    • tried to return it
    • gave it to the orphans
  9. How did Hyde kill Ivy?
    • knife
    • pistol
    • strangled her
    • clubbed her with Jekyll’s cane
  10. Who fired the shots that killed Dr. Jekyll / Mr. Hyde?
    • Dr. Lanyon
    • the bartender
    • Mr. Carew
    • the police